Is your equipment putting a Wedge between you and low scores?

Are you unsure of what wedge to use for different shots around the green?

Should you have 3 wedges or 4 wedges in the bag?

Are your wedges properly spaced by loft?

Unsure, then you need to be here for Wedge Fitting Friday!

Come out to the wedge fitting on Friday July 10th

6:00 pm to 7:15 pm – Cost: $130 per player – Limited class size first 10 players to register

The wedge fitting class here at Makefield will offer and include:

  • Your choice of an in stock wedge: Titleist, Callaway, Ping fitted to your compliment your set
  • One hour of short game instruction with our PGA Staff Howard Hirsch and David Smith
  • Individual Wedge Fit and Evaluation of Current Wedge Equipment
  • Short Game Management
  • Learn what shots to hit
  • When to hit those shots
  • What wedges to use to optimize you scoring potential

Online class registration: