2019 Men’s League

New opportunities and initiatives the Men’s League will offer you in 2019. In keeping with the traditions of Men’s League the following fun will continue:

  • 16 week regular season team matches
  • 96 players, 48 teams, 6 divisions, 8 teams per division
  • Weeks 8 and 16 Knock Down Weeks (Team challenges the team above in stands)
  • Semifinal, Finals and Consolation Matches
  • Awards Banquet
  • Team invitation to return to league following year

New Initiatives:

  • Tee Gift with registration payment
  • Winners Plaque displayed on club house wall
  • 2 payment plans (half or full season entry)
  • Mid-Point payouts for teams in each division

Registration is now open to all teams that participated in 2018. The registration process is completed, once both team players have filled out all information and remitted payment. The registration fee for 2019 is $85 per player without Handicap and $50 with Handicap.

Registration will remain exclusive to last year players until March 1st 2019. March 1st the league will be accepting new two man team entries into the league. Please make sure if your team is returning for the 2019 season, that BOTH PLAYERS have registered and paid by March 1st 2019.

The reason to create this deadline is to assure that we have the proper amount of time to: fill a 96 player field and that the divisions are properly structured low to high by combined team hcp. This means that every team must be committed and seeded in order to have the correct draw. There can be no last minute drop/adds or the divisions will be incorrect.

The registration fee for 2019 is $85 per player without handicap and $50 with handicap.